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Hennessey Fund Is Well Positioned For Choppy Market, Offering Lower Risk And Volatility: (HEIFX)

FYI: It's tough when a fund's top selling point is we lost less money than the index.

But that's the strategy one buys into with a defensive mutual fund like a balanced fund. The balanced fund is a portfolio that holds both stocks and bonds so that investors can get both growth and income in one vehicle.

Most financial advisors recommend a portfolio of both stocks and bonds for diversification. That's because stocks and bonds typically moved in opposite directions. When stocks rise, bonds fall in price, and when stocks fall, bonds rise in price. The theory is one asset should temper the losses in the other, resulting in lower risk and volatility.

So, if you want diversification, but don't feel like researching a whole bunch of funds to make sure you have the appropriate asset allocation, you can buy a balanced fund and get the whole thing in one package, such as the Hennessy Equity and Income Fund (HEIFX).

M* Snapshot HEIFX:


  • I Sold It a long time ago because of poor performance, And high fees
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