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Investors Are Getting Wary of U.S. Stocks -- Here's How to Act Now
Investors Are Getting Wary of U.S. Stocks -- Here's How to Act Now

The second large wealth manager in less than a month reduced U.S. corporate earnings expectations, highlighting risks that the global economy is decelerating at a rapid pace.


  • The UBS adviser cited seems to suggest putting money into real estate here/now in the wake of low rates, and a weakening economic outlook.

    I'm scratching my head on that call. A weakening economy (if it materializes), would suggest office rental rates and vacancies would both worsen. I'm fortunate to live in one of the more robust metro areas (DFW) of the country. While the local economy is growing, CRE seems to be growing faster. Commercial developers, much like wildcatters in the oil patch, seem to be unable to constrain their 'animal spirits', and usually end up offshooting demand, and producing a glut of office, commercial and retail space. I can only imagine what CRE is like in other parts of the country with a less robust business climate?

    Anybody have a different perspective on CRE here, at these prices?

    As for apartment REITs, well those seem to be pretty richly priced here too, having risen in sympathy in bonds.
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