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The Lunatics Have Taken Over The Asylum

FYI: People used to know their place. There was a ladder, and if you chose not to climb it, cool, but don’t tell us what is going on, what to believe.

If you lived through the sixties…we didn’t get everything we sought, but society did change, the youth had power, and then these same youth became narcissistic greedmongers in the eighties, and the nineties were an economic triumph, and then the internet blew it all apart.

You could understand the world prior to the internet, now you’re not sure what is going on. And every time you look, you’re insulted, you’re late to the game, you’ve got it wrong, to the point where you push back and say no, I do know, or lick your wounds and stray from the fray. Yes, the most important thing in the twenty first century isn’t money, although that is very important, but personality. Are you willing to get in someone’s face? Are you willing to stand up to criticism? Are you willing to bark back? Are you willing to do and say what’s expedient? Then you’ve got a chance.


  • Everybody including Ritholtz as he sounds confused himself when he really shouldn't be by now should Google the term "attention economy" and you'll begin to understand.
  • edited August 2019
    Obviously, Mr. Ritholtz approved and apparently is in agreement with the thinking of the author to allow publishing this write to his site.
    Author bio, Bob Lefsetz

    NOTE: read this two times this morning when first posted at FINVIZ news about 6am. Still digesting.
  • "...No martyr is among ye now, whom you can call your own. But go on your way, accordingly, and know you're not alone..."
    Bob Dylan. "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine." Glad to find Joan in on this performance, too.
  • I kind of agree with most of what he says.
    But, like the world we live in, he talks too much.
  • While I haven't checked in for a few months, this is the most disorganized polemic I have recently seen. I'm sure someone will surpass him in the future, but this is American Pie or MacArthur Park without the lyricism. (I liked both of those, FWIW.)
    There really is no requirement to post daily when you have nothing to say.
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