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M*: Long-Term Outperformance Is The Norm At This Large-Cap Fund: (POSKX)

FYI: Primecap Odyssey Stock retains a Morningstar Analyst Rating of Gold. It is one of a select number of funds run by subadvisor Primecap, whose fundamentals-based multimanager approach richly rewards long-term investors.

Lipper Snapshot POSKX:

POSKX Is Ranked #58 In The (LCB) Fund Category By U.S. News & World Report


  • Timely: M* just updated their profile of this fund. Gold decoration, but zero stars? Never seen THAT.
  • site is sketchy again, no stars for dseex either

    features and completeness come and go, just surprised this is still in beta

    advanced from where it was a week ago

  • M* is perpetually beta testing their site .... though at times it seems their goal is to reach a wobbly alpha state instead of stable release. Sad to see such a resource fall so hard for so long. :(

    Stars? As with their Badges and Kudos, i don't need no steeeenkin' stars!
  • edited August 2019
    I understand the hoopla around Primecap funds given its history, and I own a small chunk of POGRX, down from a significant percent of my portfolio.

    I am interested in the forum's thoughts on the Family and these funds. Although the long-term returns are excellent and are reasonable priced, they are fairly "risky" (per SD) and quite frankly, there seems to be several other options that have much better metrics (as a whole).

    In other words, the US/DS cature ratios, Sortino ratio, Alpha, Beta, et cetera, are substandard versus others in their respective categories with comparable returns.

    Am I missing a bigger picture? Thoughts?????

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