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How To Build Your Own ESG Portfolio

FYI: Investors who decide to put their money where their values are have a small but fast-growing array of mutual funds and exchange-traded funds to choose from. At first blush, it sounds straightforward: By putting your savings in funds that assess how a company is addressing (or worsening) environmental, social, and governance, or ESG, factors, you hitch your investments to good corporate citizens, and may earn above-average returns.

But turning the concept into a practical investment portfolio without compromising on investing mandates such as diversification and due diligence comes with a unique set of challenges. Here’s what investors should keep in mind as they construct a values-based portfolio.


  • How does any investment institution which promotes ESG, or any industrial/trading company which aspires to be an ESG company, square that assertion while dealing with a fascist state -- specifically? The PRC.

    The PRC has a national socialist economy. It is a one-party state, with a leader for life (Xi). It suppresses any opposition. With tanks if needed. It oppresses and jails minority populations (Tibetans, Wuigers). Its seeks national expansion. It seeks 'Anschluss' with Taiwan.

    Big American business loves them. But then Big American business loved Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia too.

    With companies like Blackrock pushing "ESG", perhaps ESG should include disinvestment from the PRC...?
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