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Trump Warns of Epic Stock Market Crash If He's Not Re-Elected


  • Q: What would we do without this con-man in charge?

    A: Probably pay a lot more taxes, both individually and businesses. Probably NOT keep your doctor. --- Socialist Bernie Sanders wants everyone in a govt healthcare system.

    More socialism, higher taxes. So "what would we do"? We will be poorer, stand in longer queues, and probably die sooner. We will be poorer.

  • Selected excerpts from JoeD's Bloomberg article link:
    Research by Macrotrends shows the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s performance so far in Trump’s term has been middling compared with his predecessors, and trails the gains made under Democrats Barack Obama and Bill Clinton. It’s a touch above the gains logged under Republicans Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush.

    The benchmark S&P 500 index made a record high in early May before slipping in the face of Trump’s stepped-up trade war with China. The more narrow DJIA, whose performance Trump likes to reference, last peaked more than eight months ago.
    Lightly edited for brevity. Emphasis added.
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    There we go again. "Socialism" as a dirty word. That's red-herring bullshit. This is not Soviet Russia. What we DO have is an elitist plutarchy running things which is totally unresponsive to people's needs. Big tax breaks for the super-rich and corporations. Meanwhile, those on food stamps must prove their eligibility every 3 months. In the 21st century, we are a "banana republic" without the bananas: A wealthy few, with not much of a Middle Class remaining, and more and more millions upon millions living in poverty. They scoff at a message board about investing in mutual funds. They're worried just about paying the electric bill. Yes, some people are stupid with their money. That doesn't explain our diseased institutions corrupted by unlimited money, and the systemic problems we face: white-collar corruption, lack of funding for the basic needs of any civilized place. All of our own doing, collectively. And did I mention yet (again) that the Electoral College needs to die?
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    "We will be poorer".

    I wonder which "we" that is? The young people who stand virtually no chance of ever owning their own home? The disappearing middle class who are already being made poorer by the day? The millions who were uninsured before Obamacare?

    No, no... he must mean that other "we": the top 10% who have way more than they will ever need, and who have no goal other than to increase even that absurd amount, no matter that it means leaving even less for everyone else.

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    Maybe Donnie posted here today?

    Anyway, I look at Biden as the most likely POTUS candidate for 2020. Don't love him, but it's better than the alternative.....because anything is better than the alternative.

    Sound familiar?

    Oh, and the odds of a market crash don't change much no matter who is elected. Although Donnie's TARIFFs might speed that process along.
  • There he goes again, more recycled hits:
    “I think that if I ever got impeached, the market would crash,” Trump told Fox News in an interview. “Everybody would be very poor.”
  • msf said:

    There he goes again, more recycled hits:

    Well, its not illegal to recycle trash. His scare tactics reflect his feeble mindset and personal insecurities. Its time to move on from this nightmare.

  • edited June 2019
    No worries.. Uncle at least 5-12points ahead of other democrats and potus.. 2020 walk in park for our most fav uncle in usa

    More than 50s% of usa citizens love uncle and will vote for our most popular high energized uncle especially with all the forwarded adopted policies from prior administrations (Biden Warren 2020 all the way!!)
  • Yes, any alternative would be better than the Trumpster. But just how much does that say? Not much. Both Repugnants and Demublicans are married to the status quo. I would bet there's not very much difference between uncle Joe Biden and a MODERATE Repugnant like Gov. Charlie Baker (Massachusetts.) Chomsky is right: since the 1980s or so, both Parties have taken a hard-Right. Which means that the Republicans became utterly Repugnant. They completely fell off the table. And the Democrats sound like some modest changes would be revolutionary, when they actually are sitting pretty much where MODERATE Republicans were back in the 1960s and '70s. The radical Right-wing Repugnants have successfully shaped the debate, sticking a "radical" label on just about ANY Demublican.

  • Spoken like a true thug. Embrace me, or else......
  • edited June 2019
    Vegas may sometimes be wrong (look at last nba champ odds warriors were -150 started and raptors were +450 before game1)

    But trumps still got best odds
  • Silly me. I'm still possessed of the idea than an election ought to be about government SERVING the people. The Demublicans are a better choice than the other big Party which, together with the Demublicans, have pretty much managed to lock-up our election system between themselves. If the Trumpster wins again, democracy is dead. And our slow gradual demise will be accelerated, big-time. Or should I say (hee hee) "bigly." God, what a schmuck.
  • @rforno - excellent summation as usual.
  • edited June 2019
    I hate to rain on his party (another word might do). But insuring his reign at the polls isn’t going to help most average Americans if stock market level is the primary tool used to measure wellbeing.

    “ ... nearly all of the stock ownership in the U.S. is concentrated among the richest. According to Wolff's data, the top 20 percent of Americans owned 92% of the stocks in 2013. Put another way: Eighty percent of Americans together owned just 8 percent of all stocks.

    “According to Gallup, 52 percent of U.S. adults owned stock in 2016. Since Gallup started measuring this in 1998, that's only the second time ownership has been this low. These figures include ownership of an individual stock, a stock mutual fund or a self-directed 401(k) or IRA.”
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    hank said:

    I hate to rain on his party (another word might do). But insuring his reign at the polls isn’t going to help most average Americans if stock market level is the primary tool used to measure wellbeing.

    Agreed. But it's a simple, easily-digested metric that the news reports on daily, and he can use that as 'proof' that the economy is doing well (because of him and only him, obviously) -- even though anyone with half a clue knows the stock markets are NOT the overall economy. He'll try and sell that story to his cult b/c it's a simply story to explain: markets go up, "the economy is great thanks to ME!, your favorite [whatever]." But if markets go down, he can blame the 'deep state', rogue Fed governors (many of whom he appointed), Dems, China, or anything else but his own policies/actions - because they're all "out to get him" or something.

    It's utterly baffling that people who likely are impacted the most by his idiocy (on various issues) are blindly supporing him. Almost as if they don't care if they get screwed, they just want to enjoy the reality television show they're part of now.
  • Donald Nixon ...
  • edited June 2019
    fwiw I tend to use 'Tweety Amin' to describe that creature. (Folks 40 and older tend to get the reference)
    PopTart said:

    Donald Nixon ...

  • My country before my wealth! I'm scared already and it ain't my Wall Street stuff.
  • edited June 2019
    PopTart said:

    Donald Nixon ...

    I think you do great injustice to Nixon. Crooked? Yes ... Power grab? Yes. But the comparisons stop there.

    Actually, Richard Nixon was highly intelligent and very well educated. Had a wonderful wife (Pat / for 53 years) and a couple really cool daughters, one of whom married the grandson of WW II General and President Dwight D. Eisenhower. (David Eisenhower is now a highly accomplished historian, educator and journalist.) In some ways Nixon was a class-act (Naval officer during WW II, superb college debater). Obviously, he went down the wrong road and deserved to be impeached. And, while he lied to cover up his criminal acts, I do think Nixon at least understood the difference between telling the truth and lying.
  • The Environment Protection Agency, EPA was created during Nixson administration due to the pollution and environmental awareness at that time. As I recalled a major river in Ohio caught on fire that brought to the nation's attention. That is how much oil contamination on that river.
  • Nixon and Kissinger between them had more intellectual power than Tweety Trump and his entire coterie of sycophants combined. @rforno is absolutely right- most of them are thugs, pure and simple.
  • edited June 2019
    Article II allows me to do whatever I want." Truly authoritarian territory.

    If you can't stand to listen to him, the transcript of ABC's full show with Tweety is nauseating. I really hope they ran on-air fact- and/or context-checking as the interview was broadcast.....

  • Thanks for posting. But the gibberish factor... It's so big. I mean, really big. And the repetition. It's going to be done over and over, George. But that's what we want. We want that. Because I can't put together a coherent thought or sentence. It's because daddy BOUGHT my B-school degree at Wharton. And I never learned a thing. All my life, I've never needed to learn anything. So, I'm stoopid, George, I'm stoopid. But we're getting it done. We're gonna get things done. We're not going to get anything done that actually matters, or that will be actually helpful. But it's gonna happen--- as long as we win back the House, hold the Senate, and the presidency. So we can continue to fumble the ball. But we won't talk about that. Just like we don't talk about my lack of a conscience. I'd rather talk about how we're going to WIN. We're going to win BIGLY. And I can talk myself into thinking that Melania is as classy as Jackie Kennedy....
  • edited June 2019
    rforno said:

    Article II allows me to do whatever I want." Truly authoritarian territory. If you can't stand to listen to him, the transcript of ABC's full show with Tweety is nauseating. I really hope they ran on-air fact- and/or context-checking as the interview was broadcast.....

    Thank you for the link @rforno. But my suspense can wait .... I’ve seen a few clips on ABC News which I watch fairly regularly. So can imagine the transcript (maybe even write some of it). My initial and lasting impression was: ”What on earth would compel him to commit to an extensive 3-day interview with George Stephanopoulos?”

    You only need to know a little about Stephanopoulos to know that isn’t a smart thing to do from his perspective.

    But than again ...
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