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Gundlach Dubs Biden 'Jurassic Joe,' Says He Won't Win Nomination

FYI: Jeffrey Gundlach has a nickname for the Democratic presidential front-runner: “Jurassic Joe.”

The billionaire investor took aim at Joe Biden on Thursday, saying the candidate won’t win his party’s nomination.


  • As always, JG has some very interesting perspectives/insights.
  • I recalled he was fired from TCW for his alleged pornography stuff on work computer. Even if there is a fine grain of truth to this, that is just disgraceful. So should we name him the Porn King now since he so readily label someone else?
  • I agree, if TCW fired him because he looked at porn, TCW should be ashamed of themselves.
  • I do have to think that if every worker in the US who has porn on their computer were to be fired the national unemployment rate would surely be well over 50%...
  • Wow, he's repeating his call that 10 year Treasuries might hit 6% by 2021... Looks like Trump will leave his successor a sh*t sandwich. His standard business practice, it seems.
  • He must be smoking something when today's 10 years Treasuries is yielding 2.5%. It is highly unlikely to reach 4% higher in two years. Especially now that Trump is urging Chairman Powell to cut rates. Today the Fed will decide the rates going forward - most likely they will hold the rate unchanged since the inflation is well below the 2% threshold.
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