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It’s Time To Buy Short-Term Bonds And Dividend Stocks, Income Fund Manager Says: (TIBAX)

edited June 2019 in Fund Discussions
FYI: Ben Kirby, a co-manager of the Thornburg Investment Income Builder fund, says that only two parts of the market look attractive these days: short-term credit and dividend-paying stocks.

The 10-year U.S. Treasury Note was recently yielding 2.17%, not far above the S&P 500’s average dividend yield of about 2%. Consider that the two-year note was recently at around 2%, so investors are picking up almost as much yield there as they would holding a 10-year note.

M* Snapshot TIBAX:

Lipper Snapshot TIBAX:

TIBAX Is Ranked #1 In The (WA) Fund Category By U.S. News & world Report:


  • edited June 2019
    TIBAX is one of Old_Skeet's funds held in the Growth & Income Area of my portfolio inside my global hybrid sleeve. I have owned this fund for better than ten years. The other members of this sleeve are CAIBX and TEQIX.
  • One can purchase the institutional class shares TIBIX with a $2500 min, albeit with a transaction fee, in Fidelity IRA accounts.

    TIBIX is available with a $100K min (and transaction fee) in all types of accounts at Vanguard.
  • Or, one could simply construct a portfolio of VIG, VYM and VCSH, and outperform TIBAX..
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