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Is "Private Banking" just a Don Draper term?

For years, I've noticed that some large banks advertise their "Private Banking" divisions. (When I hear "private banking," I imagine arriving in a limo and escorted to a banker's desk.) I would appreciate hearing from those of you who have "private banking" and just what benefits this offers. (After years of satisfactory banking with Wachovia, I signed off with Wells Fargo's marketing assaults each time I entered a branch and have been happy with my move to credit unions.) So I'm wondering, is "private banking" just a Madison Avenue term or does it really offer special benefits and what do these benefits cost?) The only thing I miss about Wachovia or WF is a free safe deposit box. My credit unions offer free banking with no "gotch's" but charge everybody the same $20 for a basic safety deposit box; it's very democratic - everybody pays the same rental fee.) My main credit union pays 0.25% on checking accounts and 1.75% on money mkt funds. For that, I'll take public banking.


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    Unless you're ultra high net worth with bazillions of dollars that need to be managed then, no, it's not worth it. But if you're UHNWyou will likely get a 'very nice' private banking experience. :)

    To wit: Chase 'Private Client' services is pretty much their brokerage targeting folks with 50K-1M accounts that MIGHT need a little bit of handholding or 'advice' and who might also be willing to bank with them, too. I get their postcard 'invitations' every so often .. but I don't need their services.

    I bank at my credit union too and am just fine w/them. I don't need to feel 'prestige' with this stuff.
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