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U.S. Posts Record Annual Trade Deficit


  • Howdy,

    BTW, for those of you that believe the trade deficit is bad or evil, please think it through.

    If we have a trade deficit, it means that WE GOT MORE STUFF. Sure, we may have had to pay for it but we still have more stuff.

    For my few pennies, I'd rather have more stuff.

    and so it goes,


  • Hi Ron,

    Nice to see you are still around since I recently made my way to the site after 5 years of hiatus.

    I am not too fixated on the trade deficit. I put it out there especially since president pretending that putting tariffs will help solve this problem. Even if the jobs were to automagically came back, there wont be sufficient employment. Automation is the new way to run manufacturing. Less and less people are needed to manufacture the same stuff.

    If we do not manufacture it here (which for a lot of items we don't), we will have to import it with or without tariffs. Putting tariffs simply makes it more expensive for people here.

    People are spending so far. US consumerism is at full spin. Credit cards are maximized and with global growth slowing we will be selling less of whatever items we are able to sell (and since other countries have instituted tariffs on the other end in response ours even less). My other post today regarding slowing Europe and effects of Brexit might just tip the growth negative throwing everything to down spin. I think I am seeing some rain clouds coming this way unless things change.

  • @Investor: "automagically". I like that!
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