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Josh Brown: Stock Markets And The Rule Of Law

FYI: How many multiple points on the S&P 500 are at risk if the populace gets to a place where they no longer believe we are a country of laws – laws that apply to everyone, including the politicians who happen to be in control at a given a moment?

I don’t know the answer, but I guarantee you it’s not zero. It’s a number for sure.


  • Ted. Thanks for sharing this. It may be the important link you have ever posted in terms of true, long term significance. When the history of the last two years is written ( and I was a graduate student in America history) the big plot line will be that the Republicans TOTALLY put party over constitution and country. Perhaps we can excuse the maga voter by saying they don't know better but all those GOP senators certainly understand what they are allowing to happen. Shame on them.
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