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mark Freeman Leaving WHGIX As Lead Manager 3/8/19

I Own Shares Of WHGIX. I Would Appreciate Opinions , Is It A Buy Sell Or Hold With Mark Freeman Departing.


  • I don't have an opinion. Sadly I also own this fund bought after years of due diligence.

    And now this...:-(

    Normally it is automatic sell for me when manager quits. I'll at least HOLD till NTF platform I hold it on does not charge me fee, then see. Gives me time to figure it out.

    Let me know what you decide.
  • I agree, very disappointing.
    I am also invested – after observing the fund excellent downside performance in 2008.
    Maybe MFO could include an analysis of the fund in a future monthly commentary.
  • Resurrecting this thread.
    I am still holding on to my WHGIX shares.
    Time to decide whether to buy or use as sell candidate.

    Any one has any additional information regarding new management?
  • --- agree with guilhermes
    'Maybe MFO could include an analysis of the fund in a future monthly commentary.'
  • I Sold All My Shares Right After Christmas.
  • I'm holding for now, but certainly will not add any more.
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