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Vanguard Equity Income

Happy New Year to all- any thoughts about this fund from long time holders?Im thinking of it for my Roth. Im in my late 60s. In put would be appreciated!!


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    @BennyB: Hello. I'm thinking you might be a realtive new poster on the board although I see that you have made a number of visits since joining in Feberuary. Your subject fund (VEIPX) fits one of my own investment themes and that is dividend income. I have two sleeves within my own portfolio dedicated to dividend income. One is a domestic equity sleeve and the other is a global equity sleeve with both being found in the growth & income area of my portfolio.

    In reviewing the Morningstar report for this fund it's 10 year return (full market cycle) is about 12%; and, it scores within the top 20% of funds within its category for the 10 year period. Although I'm not a fund analyst (just a retail investor) it looks, to me, to be a good fund. For me, I look for a little higher yield out of my dividend income funds than this fund offers even if I have to give up some total return to get the higher yield.

    I've linked its Morningstar report below for viewing.

    I wish you ... Good Investing.

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    I agree you with that it should be held in a non-taxable account.
    However, I do own VEIPX, but mine is in a taxable account unfortunately.

    Also, you didn't mention what are your financial intentions?
  • I owned it in my Vanguard Variable annuity and our VEIRX Taxable account.
  • To The Shadow et al- My financial intention with VEIPX are hold it in a Roth for 10 years/ Ill have contributed 13500 by the end of this year.
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