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New Year's shopping list

Howdy folks,

Time to start something positive methinks.

Now that the market is down in general which of our favorites is becoming attractively priced? Not that we want to buy at this point in geopolitical time but we need to start our shopping list. Cripes, I was at my favorite watering hole a couple of weeks back with the market off gobs and saw that Adobe was off 3-4% in the FANG swoon and almost spit out my drink. Now things are off more and the downside potential is measurable . . . . ah, but let's start our lists.

Please note that I really love dividends, particularly from companies where I do business (e.g. my utilities, ISP, etc.) and I'm 70 and quite a bit crazy.

This means I can start my list with T, CMS and VZ paying 7, 3 and 4%, resp. In addition, I'm really starting to lust after the FANG stocks, particularly AMZN and NFLX. On the side for giggles, I'm playing both the pot arena and junior silver miners but these are mostly casino money plays.


and so it goes,




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    maybe adding apple today [small portion], maybe though
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    For dividends BTI looks good to me. Tobacco stocks are out of favor, and BTI sells cigarettes around the world. I bought some in June, and sold it for a loss last month. Bought some more after 30 days, and will buy more this month. In the US a lot of smokers have quit, but there are still many people who continue to smoke outside of the US. Not to mention that big tobacco will jump on the pot bandwagon when it becomes legal everywhere. . Now I'm trying to decide whether or not to by Ford.
  • Ford for me as well and I'm looking to add to TGT and ABBV. Dare I say this, I'm looking for T to have a run up to the $35-40 range so I can dump it. Yeah it's a fav of many a DG investor but frankly it's 10-yr total return has been abysmal. I might also take a bite out of Apple but frankly I still see the market going down to nowhere for awhile yet.
  • Trying a little of the old @rono momentum play. Bought a little IAU (gold) today. Nice steady trend for about the past 2 months. Will watch and add if the trend continues. (P.S., to chicken to play the miners:))

    I have a few limit orders on stocks but they still have to drop quite a bit, ~15-20% more. Buy new Amazon, add to Apple, Alibaba, United Health Care. I'll be patient.
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    - I’m just gonna stroll the aisles ... waiting for a better sale on equities 3-6 months out. But, if they really have a fire-sale (like 35% off recent highs) I might be tempted sooner.

    - While I like gold a lot, a little goes a long way - and I’m at my upper limit now.

    - Today switched my real asset fund @ T. Rowe from PRAFX to PRNEX. Tossed in a little cash to boot. It’s still a very small sum. PRNEX, I think, is better run, has a longer history, lower fees and is not quite as heavy on real estate. Stands to benefit if oil ever turns up. Probably some miners in there too. However, it’s been terribly beaten up by the recent slide in oil - as have most commodity rich funds.

    Correction: Change “commodity rich” to “commodity poor”.
  • I'm watching MSFT, V and BRKB. Maybe add to PRGTX and PRMTX in a few months.
  • I used to love PRNEX @hank. I haven't owned it since probably 2008 though. I think it got clobbered that year and never really came back strong. Energy has been such a disappointment for so long it's hard to think it has a recovery coming anytime soon. I do hope I'm wrong and it works for you.
  • I added MSFT, CVS and FDX over two weeks. I have NVDA, NFLX on my list for next 15% drop
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    One of the things that I like about this type of thead is that it provides some insight on what others are thinking and doing. Since, I just arrived at my new asset allocation of 20/40/40 I,m not doing much except to bank cash distributions as my portfolio generates them. I'm much like rono in that I am looking for good income generating (dividend) plays that I feel will have some upside to them when the market makes an upward turn (that is more than a throw back rally). I have a buy/add list of mutual funds that I'm willing to put new money into when I feel reward can be had. The new ones on my list of twelve are AMAXX, DWGAX, INUTX, TEQIX & PONAX. In addition, I've been thinking of adding to my commoditity strategy fund PCLAX as commodities have pretty much been beaten up of late. However, for the past week they are showing some life being up 2.6% plus the fund has a nice TTM dividend yield of 18.3%. If I want to get real aggressive I'll add to AOFAX.

    There you have it from my two most conserative (AMAXX) & (PONAX) to my two most aggressive (PCLAX) & (AOFAX) and somewhere in between is (DWGAX), (INUTX) & (TEQIX).


  • edited January 2019
    MikeM said:

    I used to love PRNEX @hank. I haven't owned it since probably 2008 though. I think it got clobbered that year and never really came back strong. Energy has been such a disappointment for so long it's hard to think it has a recovery coming anytime soon. I do hope I'm wrong and it works for you.

    Thanks @MikeM,

    Trying to be brief since rono’s purpose was to elicit some good buys. But re PRNEX: The original concept under which it was marketed (pre-2000) was was as an inflation hedge. Inflation’s been quite low since than, so I sense they’re marketing it now more as pure play on natural resources. It’s just one of four “real asset” funds I hold. I devote 10% (or a whopping 2.5% each) to the area.

    To what I wanted to say ... PRNEX has been a poor investment for many years - but ranks very high among its NR fund peers. How’d that happen? The sector it invests in has lagged dramatically over that time. The managers tell you in paragraph 1 of their most recent report that they believe the world is in: “the initial stages of a long term secular bear market” in commodities. (Read: “This ain’t the best fund to buy right now”) Hand it to T. Rowe. Can’t get much more honest than that.

    What I really wanted to say: If a fund performs poorly because the sector in which it invests is doing poorly, I can accept that, Not a reason to bail IMHO. But when a fund stinks up the joint because the managers aren’t practicing the discipline and approach which they profess to in their public pronouncements, that’s a different case entirely. Take OAKBX, for instance. Their game has always been capital preservation. They’d have you believe in their reports that they’re passing up the high-flying market leaders and concentrating on protecting you against downside risk. Overweighting cash and bonds when appropriate. And - back 10-15 years ago that was true. A very conservative “singles, bunts, doubles” player.

    Recently however they haven’t been true to themselves or their shareholders. Loaded upon GM and BOA over past couple years. Managed to lose around 8.5% (25% more than the S&P) in 2018. Trailed most of their peers by wide margins. That ain’t supposed to happen with a fund like this. That’s the reason I bailed.
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