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Here’s A Clear Case For Owning Dividend Stocks Instead Of Bonds: (NOBL)

FYI: Overvalued stocks and rising interest rates suggest bonds might now be a better investment.

But there’s a strong argument that shares of well-established companies with attractive dividend yields are much better long-term investments than bonds are.

Money managers use all sorts of complicated analyses and charts to explain why you should invest in, or avoid, a particular company or class of securities. Hank Smith, co-chief investment officer of Haverford Trust, has laid out a clear case for dividend stocks over bonds. (Haverford is based in Radnor, Pa., and has about $8 billion in assets under management.)

M* Snapshot NOBL:


  • I just sold some NOBL to raise cash and I hold a significant amount of SCHD. Same reasons you mention.
  • Wait, when I have mused recently on XRLV, and MMTM and QUAL (I think, having found them better performers than NOBL and SCHD), did you, Ted, not vehemently say to just stick w SP500?
  • It's mostly a difference of when not performance as they are all similar with out having to pick and choose the time frame. I would stay with SCHD as lowest cost and suitability.
  • Yeah; I was (am always) looking for alternatives to CAPE, which outdoes them all but is unavailable at one of my brokerages. All similar more or less but real (non-huge) differences in performance.
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