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Morningstar is looking for testimonials

I just completed a survey about Mostly it seemed to be about the competitive environment; the questions were more "where do you get information" than "how useful is our information?" One oddly-worded question implies that they're considering adding "information from asset management firms," which in other settings has been called "sponsored content" or "pay to play content."

They did ask about 20 other sites where readers got information; we're not on the list but I did write us in.

And I was struck by one plaintive request at the end: "38. We are looking for some testimonials from our customers. If there is something that you really like about Morningstar or please let us know. We might use your feedback in future marketing materials." There was no Q39 about concerns, questions or criticism. Just 38, "give us praise."

I wish them well.



  • Well, they did not ask me. I feel they need to give attention to their systems as I constantly have access sign in issues along with their fair market graph (from time-to-time) having corrections made. Plus, some other stuff as well. What I do favor is their portfolio manager and instant xray tools.
  • I find M* useful for comprehensive historical data which they do not own but collect and collate nicely. I categorize the editorial content as "entertainment."
  • @sfnative: A+


    They asked for testimonials/reviews? They could just read the commens from the forums to know all they need to know about their site, both free and premium.
  • edited September 2018
    Right, they should just pull a random sample from the forum and run with it ... or, they can prob'ly get all they need from the 791 (and counting) comments on the "How Tiresome ..." thread.
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