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Healthcare epidemic: Sugar, the bitter truth



  • I stopped eating Carbs and as a result became dehydrated and must add salt to help replenish electrolytes. I've been hypertensive for more than a decade and now my blood pressure is too low (even with the added salt). I have an appointment tomorrow and may be taken off meds completely.
  • I prefer a system that would allow doctors and their patients to decide the best care rather than bureaucrats
    @00BY, thanks for your out of US opinion, but doctors and patients do not decide on care in America!!! The insurance companies and whoever benefits financially does. We all would prefer your preference, but apparently neither of us have it.
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    Great discussion (until @Ted has it deleted for being OT). Yep - Pretty much stopped adding salt to meals years ago. There’s some good non-sodium substitutes. I even toss one in the travel bag when traveling. Need to monitor your potassium however, as the salt subs can cause that to become seriously elevated.

    Re statins - I guess the jury is still out on that one - mixed opinions. However, most experts say it’s a no-brainer if you’ve had a heart attack or stroke. You can benefit from high dose statins. If not at high risk, than it’s a trickier question. Price? A big local box store gives statins out essentially “free.” (They waive your insurance co-pay, making your cost 0.) That’s obviously to draw you in. But they must be a pretty cheap drug for them to do that.

    I have a lot of empathy for Michael Moore and others fighting obesity. Had to deal with that issue over a lifetime myself and eventually succeeded. Diets are tough. Cut out this and add that. But it’s complicated. Need a certain amount of protein daily, for example, or serious problems can develop. A lot of the great “healthy” foods (like fruits and veggies) have very little protein.
  • BrianW said:

    You're right it is pointless. As pointless as you guys ever admitting to any fatal flaw for any Government run program.

    Good grief, what is wrong with you and your brain, to swing the broad brush? 'You guys'? Who here (or anywhere) ever said anything about the gov being faultless? Christ, man, get a grip.

    As for SS and MC, did you see who Cline is? Get serious if you are going to rail, okay?

    I think you must mean hypotensive. You anecdote is meaningless and worse than meaningless, since inapplicable to most Americans, but g/l w/ low BP. You have seen a nephrologist, I take it?
  • @hank, no jury is out on statins. They save lives, period, and not just post-event.
  • I meant hypertensive. Ridding myself of carbs moved it in the other direction allowing me to reduce, and hopefully, stop taking medication. And, if you believe Statins are good for you, you are the one needing therapy.
  • I don't believe, I know. Follow the data, read the (huge, venerable) studies, talk to your cardio.

    Or not.

    >> must add salt to help replenish electrolytes. I've been hypertensive for more than a decade and now my blood pressure is too low (even with the added salt).

    okay, if you say so, puzzlingly

    Good health whatever your issues.
  • har, cheeseburgers round the clock

    go for it, and without statins
  • Yep, and HDL is up, Triglycerides are down. And I do enjoy my cheeseburgers, with bacon, avocado and yes, salt. And, my weight and blood pressure still drops. Next?
  • No bun of course.
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    Last one and then I'll give it a rest (hasn't really been fair for you):
  • you realize these sites are all majorly sketchy

    your individual anecdote report is better

    not feeling treated unfairly, not by you, anyway
  • Yep, don't allow facts to get in your way (why start now). I'm living the life so I don't need the sites.
  • But natural sugars are one thing, and ADDING sweetener is another. But Big Money, as we know, has government as a pet, a lapdog. So labeling lies to us--- REQUIRED labeling. The idea is to require accurate labeling, so that we know what we're buying, if we look at the label. But just try to find 100% pure cranberry juice which is really 100% cranberry, for instance. The big, sight-attracting label says one thing, but the list of ingredients says something else. Another trick is: "Natural flavoring, with OTHER natural flavors." Huh? ... Lactose intolerant milk??? If you're lactose intolerant, you can't drink milk. So what's in the f****** carton? (apologies to uncle Lewis Black.)
  • >> I don't need the sites

    They're your cites, dude. Seem commercial and promotional. Does sugar harm cognition?
  • @BrianW, I am appalled!!! Who would put avocado on a cheeseburger????? Look up the recipe for Hot Sauce, Rochester style. If you search even farther, make yourself a "Garbage Plate". Avocado.... please.
  • Healthcare is a very complicated issues. Everyone want the 'mercedes' plan but no one wants to pay for it. I think everyone should be responsible for your own action/health regarding taking your own meds as prescribed quit eating fatty/high sugar diet. Exercise 1hr/session 5-7x per wk... Studies may have shown only ~3% of Americans actually doing it. Medicare medicaid fundings also are complicated matters because they may dried up in 25 30 yrs since no US govt can really afford Healthcare and many citizens living much longer than previous /associated cost Healthcare technology skyrocketed previously. I think most Americans if they can 'squeeze' as much fundings in Healthcare out they would... The prob is no Healthcare insurance system (one payer vs medicare vs hmo vs ppo) perfect and very difficult to fix. Usually sickest patients usually eat what they want and smoke as much as they can, and engage in many unsafe lifestyle activities. Also they usually do not go to get preventative care.. once they get sick they expect someone's to pay for their Healthcare bills which could be very pricey.. Most experts do think Medicare likely will bankrupt if no control cost measures are implemented
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    And unfortunately most medical literature illustrated bulk of Medicare costs/expnditures are heavily spent toward the past few weeks of patient's life in icu or dying in breathing machine... which is not ideal.... Some patients do know death is imminent but do not want life support weaned off which is tragic because some are just like vegetable states costing lots money toward insurance
  • An honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought.
    Thought I'd start this diatribe with a grabber.
    There is a "sugar lobby", and they demonized fat and salt, and they bought legislative support. I'm not favoring fat, but cholesterol in your diet has been relatively rehabilitated. Salt still remains a villain.
    I'm in favor of a sugar tax, but artificial sweeteners are not safe either. They seem to change the intestinal biome (you know, more bacteria in your gut than there are people on earth) to change starches into sugar more rapidly, so fat folk drinking diet soda still get fatter. Drink water, milk, coffee, unsweetened tea (not fruit juice).
    And, yes, sugar has been shown to be addictive. It stimulates the release of dopamine, the "reward" neurotransmitter.
    So, conservatives and liberals better stick to philosophy. Google Aristophanes; he has an interesting comment on politicians.
    Science says sugar is bad for you, your children, your grandchildren, etc. Go to
    Sugarscience and get educated by academics who are not bought by corporations.
    So, read the science, lose the attitudes, talk about mutual funds or stocks, or something relevant to this site.
    I'm not checking back for comments.
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    @MikeM: Looked it up and I would need to make major modifications to make that keto-worthy!!! But it does look good.
  • @STB65: I know you said you aren't checking back. I started this because I believe our health effects us all. If we can live longer, we can enjoy the proceeds of our investments. For most of us, as we age, health care is the major concern. Obesity, heart problems, diabetes lead the list. I believe if we can take health care out of the equation, we can spend more time enjoying the fruits of our investments. Take care..
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