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Work 401 fund change

Workplace 401 has a change in the works and i wanted to know the collectives thoughts. Swapping Allianz NFJ Small Cap Value PCVAX for Nuveen Small Cap Value FSCCX.


  • Does your 401k have small cap index fund?
  • The Nuveen fund's performance has been superior to Allianz lately. The Nuveen fund also has the advantage of having a lower cost (.95 vs 1.15). I wouldn't invest in either but within your 401k, you don't have much of a choice. So, superior performance at a lower cost, seems to be a win/win. Data was taken from Morningstar.
  • i have clients in FSCCX where warranted. volatile, but always pulls thru. weigh according to your risk tolerance.
  • VF No small cap index. I always liked the dividend mandate of PCVAX. Now this fund will outperform. I have held it all these years and someone else is making decisions for me.
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