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Vanguard Target Fund Contemplation

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  • @ Maurice: I'm in the same boat, as end of third qter 2017 I moved 2 accounts there. I think it depends on how big of a hit you would be able to take & still sleep. Also what and when this cash will be needed. Retirement income fund lost about 10 % in 2008 correction. As for me I think I'll sit on cash until fall .
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  • @Maurice, It sounds like a workable solution that may save you on the management fee. The Admiral shares of most Vanguard index funds require $50K. So a total of $200K would allow you to construct the same portfolio as the Target date fund and perform rebalancing periodically.
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  • The actively managed funds require $50K, but I'm not sure about the index funds. If you can access the index funds directly, do so, but you might want to keep enough in the target fund to allow you access to their allotments, so you could rebalance yearly.
  • @Maurice, you are correct that $10K is for Admiral shares of index funds. Some active managed funds require $50K if the Admiral shares are available.
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