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Buffett, 'Oracle Of Omaha,' On Healthcare, Dividends, Geico

FYI: Billionaire investor Warren Buffett and Berkshire Hathaway Inc (BRKa.N)(BRKb.N) Vice Chairman Charlie Munger are answering five hours of questions from shareholders, journalists and analysts at Berkshire’s annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska.


  • beebee
    edited May 2018

    “He sits around reading most of the time and thinking, and every once in a while he talks on the phone. I can’t see any difference … Warren is very good at doing nothing.”

    Remind me of the saying:

    "Don't just do something... sit there!"
  • Berkshire has underperformed the S&P for the last 10 years.
    He missed on Amazon and Google (as did I), and I would have bought Facebook at 18, when it was a bit above that, but, unfortunately, it failed to drop.)
    I can accept that a fund manager doesn't understand tech, but perhaps he should buy someone who does. I made a bit on Berkshire, but decided I'd be better served with dividend paying funds.
    I'd be a lot more confident about Berkshire if Warren was commenting on how well his replacements were doing while he continued to tweak their decisions.
    Buy the index funds as he has advised. He's no longer beating them. I'm not sure how many years of outperformance he has to achieve to keep up, but I'm not riding that dream.
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