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Curious about the 1 year chart pattern of your holding against its 50, 100 and 200 day average?

edited April 2018 in Fund Discussions
This charting is not against any given benchmark; only a performance chart for a particular asset versus its 50, 100 and 200 moving price average. A somewhat pure view of performance of monies you may have invested.

If you're curious about a holding for the past 1 year period (this chart set to 1 year, but may be changed) to date, add your tickers/symbols. The chart is also set for "daily", this may be switched to weekly price, which will slightly alter the appearance of the graph. Save the link for a future visit, as desired.
This chart is set for VWINX. You will see the ticker at the upper left area. "Inspect" box (just above chart middle) is also selected. This allows the cursor to be placed on the graph for a particular date listing pricing information. You may "deselect" inspect. Additionally, just below the ticker symbol at the upper left area is "RSI 14". This is the relative strength index setting for a 14 day period. In theory, an above 70 reading is nearing an overbought, while a 30 or below is an oversold indication.
To change to another ticker/symbol merely type the letters to replace VWINX in the box. Click "UPDATE" just to the right or the keyboard enter key.
NOTE: The price line includes splits, dividends and other distributions; per Stockcharts information.

As to VWINX in particular, in this chart, one is able to discover the effect of early stage rising interest rates and a slap down of equities during the end period of January into February. Also, that the 50 day moving average line moving below the 100 and "looking" at the 200 day moving average price. Pretty smelly looking chart. Most bond charts right now have this appearance, as well as some equity trending in the same directions. Hoping I didn't miss something.

Well, anyway; be curious and enjoy.
Take care,


  • @catch: As you should know, every ship at the bottom of the ocean had a chart room. It appears that you have become obsessed; with charts.
  • Ted has his links and catch has his charts and Anna just sits back and enjoys sounds of the sails as catch charts the course and Ted steers the ship.
  • Anna + one !
  • @ Anna: Post of the month !
  • Hey, good morning @Ted

    I suspect Professor @David_Snowball still considers this forum a learning and educational site.

    An obsession with charts for me? No. Just a part of an investing tool box. Today, charting is so much easier to perform and share. I used to do similar charting to my posted electronic link on graph paper. A very slow method, but a nice teaching tool in the way back days before our magical electronic boxes.
    As to charts as part of the investing tool box; to me, this is not unlike a group of skill sets needed to build a simple wooden box, briefly noted below.
    *** assuming all needed tools are available and that one knows how to use the tools to some degree
    1. type of wood, for strength or appearance or both
    2. based upon #1, a protective clear coat or enamel for ease of cleaning
    3. measure dimensions properly
    4. cut/saw measured dimensions accurately
    5. determine required connective method(s), i.e. nail, screw, glue
    5a. drill pilot holes so that a nail or screw will not split the wood
    6. assemble
    7. sand the view-able surfaces, before or after assembly
    8. apply finish product to the box surface as desired
    9. ENJOY the end result

    All too soon, beyond our desire, my friend; you and I are going to tip over in our chairs and never write another word here.
    You still have a wonderful opportunity to share your investment knowledge here with self authored, original writes about what you have learned over your investing years. I can imagine a series of periodic writes based upon your acquired investing skills. Surely, you would find an appropriate title for such a series.

    If only one person finds the charting write of value, I'm satisfied with the effort.

    Gift us Ted, with your knowledge.

    Have a pleasant remainder.
  • @catch22: Spare me the boredom of this long response. If you can't say it in a few words, don't say it at all.
  • Apparently, we have your answer.
    Take care,
  • beebee
    edited April 2018
    @Catch22 - Keep the chart posts coming...
    Charts are a visual history of events...knowing where the water is deep, where the harbors form, where the shoals lurk...was every bit as important yesterday as it will be tomorrow. The charts at the bottom of the ocean have less to do with the uselessness of the chart and more to do with the uselessness of the chart reader.
  • edited April 2018
    I think the issue boils down to right brain vs left brain thinkers. Both types of individuals may be highly intelligent. Yet they tend to approach learning and expression from totally different directions. Catch is obviously “right-brained”. These folks tend to learn and express ideas by visualizing. That helps explain his propensity for charts. Ted, on the other hand, appears more “left brained”. These people tend to learn and express ideas more through linguistics - thus his preference for links - and links - and more links.

    Never the twain shall meet? I don’t think so. @bee is clearly both left and right brained and fully capable of appreciating both Catch’s and Ted’s contributions. Left/Right Brain Thinking Explained:

    @Catch22- I dug these up from Wikipedia for your further enjoyment.:)
    Types of Charts
    pie chart eye chart
    snellen chart flow chart flip chart
    bar chart gantt chart organization chart
    star chart organizational chart pilot chart
    chart of accounts plane chart sea chart
    calorie chart color chart naval chart
    bonwill hawley chart pareto chart natal chart
    weather chart consanguinity chart line chart
    navigational chart bonwill-hawley chart adiabatic chart
    birth chart nautical chart synoptic chart
    aeronautical chart alignment chart chart house
    control chart exposure chart wall chart
    growth chart point and figure chart time chart
    chart datum kagi chart knitting chart
    chart room chart topper chart topping
    comfort chart hydrographic chart psychrometric chart
    surface area conversion chart break even chart breakeven chart
    candlestick chart dental chart organisation chart
    perpetual gestation chart prognostic chart run chart
    tooth chart constant pressure chart globular chart
    reading chart history chart ohlc chart
    pedigree chart topographic chart break-even chart
    heliographic chart magnetic chart map chart
    plain chart strip chart recorder
  • Childish,and I thought were an adult !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Adults? Who are Adults? GrandPa is telling all of us every morning what to read. And now also not to look at dirty pictures.

  • Who are Adults?


  • hank said:

    Who are Adults?


    A-ha! Let's all trouble grandpa!
  • Hi @bee
    Relative to using the chart I posted at the start of this thread......
    Was looking at RSI-14's for gov't. and IG corp. bonds last night for the "heck of it".
    LQD was the worse at about theory, oversold.....the others were low 30's.
    Today's improvement in price/yields down for these bonds is probably only a coincidence OR that the techie traders/algo machines who watch some of this actually are trading on a more pure technical function.

  • @Catch, the 10y T hitting the magic 3.0% very likely triggered a fair bit of trading. Where it goes from here over the next few days could be really significant.
  • Hi @AndyJ
    Obviously, the lack of folks moving to safe haven U.S. gov't. issues during the recent equity sell downs is a new event, relative to and looking backwards to the big melt of 2008-2009. Back in those days, one could go hide into investment grade bonds and at least maintain a decent dollar value and likely make some money while "hiding" out.
    We've got a bunch of strange days going on right now.
    A side observation is the recent weakness in China equity. I don't know what to make of this. We don't have any direct investments there at this time.
  • If you're interested in technical analysis you might find this useful.
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