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Just curious, but is Syria limiting your new investments?

edited September 2013 in Fund Discussions
Returning after a few weeks absence, I find people describing new investments. I rather assumed there would be a negative market reaction to active intervention in Syria and that it would be more rewarding to delay.


  • edited September 2013
    I Purchased Shares In SFGIX Last Week. I Had Been Watching It For a While, And I Needed To Fill a Spot For a Emerging Market Fund To Replace FTEMX Which I Sold 5 Or 6 Weeks Ago.
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    Not entirely - it's made me a little cautious but I added something a couple of days ago. I'm not doing much, but it's more because I don't want to add much more to a lot of things at these levels than anything else. Still, I continue to like a number of long-term themes and I would look to add lightly if the market pulled back. Divs are being reinvested when they can be.
  • Dear STB65: Syria is very short-term, a few days at the most. What counts is the Fed tapering if and when. I don't believe there will any interest rate increases until the spring of 2014.

  • In a word, "No".
  • IMHO we have had enough things to worry about over the last few years. Gnats circling around her heads, some big, some small. If all of us were less concerned all of our portfolios would be worth more over the last 5 years.

    I have turned cautious FOREVER and stopped trying to match market returns and have that thought continuously affect my decisions. How markets act tell you what is happening regardless of whether something is in the news or not.

    IMHO we need to realize, democracy in the markets is overrated. At the end of the day it is big institution buying and selling that decides direction of the markets. And what they are doing is not going to be in the news until it is too late to meaningfully do much about it. That's why Technical ANALysis works, not that I'm subscribe to some 10-month magic period SMA crossover.

    Let's watch, see, act. I actually have taken some money off the table and am in no hurry to redeploy all of it, until what I have already redeployed is above water.
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    STB65 - I'm not one to change allocations based on global events. So, "no" in a nutshell. And, don't overlook also that bull markets tend to climb the proverbial "wall of worry." However, longer term I believe (but can't prove) that the endless wars in the Middle East in which we have been nearly continuously involved for decades, have weakened our nation financially and perhaps in other ways as well. You may recall it was Soviet military involvement in Afghanastain in the 80s which eventually bankrupted the former Sovet Union and led to its subsequent dissolution. So, yes, you're right to be concerned about the prospect of further military actions in that area. ... Just my humble opinion. Regards. ---

    No - This isn't from the satirical "The Onion" newspaper. It's really from Thursday's NY Times and is an editorial ostensibly about Syria written by Russia's Vladimir Putin. I was at first going to lead off with it under the caption "All the world's a stage" - but actually find it pretty repugnant in tone. For what interest it may hold, here's the link.;

  • Are you Syrias? Sorry- just couldn't stop myself... I need help...
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