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Is PRPFX (permament portfolio fund) still good to buy at these levels.

edited April 2011 in Fund Discussions
It is probably at 52 week high. Not sure if there is any juice left in it to go up from here.

Debating about whether to buy it now or wait until there is a correction.
Any ideas/suggestions/advise pleae?


  • Hi bnath,

    Hope you are doing well.

    Yes. PRPFX by defintion, SHOULD be a buy at all times in all markets.

    PRPFX Fact Sheet: A Fund for all Seasons

    I sincerely believe that this fund is the core fund for people to own.

    take care,

  • Thanks Rono. I owned in the past made some money and got out. And I am thinking of getting into it again. But since it is at all time high, I am kind of hesitant.
  • Rono, one more question.

    I see this fund hold gold coins, gold bullion and silver bullion. Does that mean they literally hold coins and bricks with them? If so, their plan is to sell them in future at higher rate. Is that true?

  • Hi bnath,

    The philosophy of PRFPX is based upon Harry Browne's Permanent Portfolio. His thought was that if you bought and held certain percentages of particular asset classes you would do well in all markets.

    This would mean that if due to appreciation, their gold allocation grew to exceed their target, they would simply rebalance. So, yes, if called for they would sell the appropriate amount of gold - or any other asset class that got out of balance.

    Here's a link to Harry Browne:



  • Bought more yesterday.
  • We continue to own it as a core holding in most client accounts. As rono says, this is a buy-at-anytime fund. As close to a buy-and-hold as any fund I can think of. Best.
  • Hi bnath! PRPFX appears to be fairly tax-efficient, thereby giving it an advantage in taxable accounts. I am thinking of using it to open small taxable accounts for the kids, now that their Roths are maxed out. It's something they can just let sit.
  • Thanks a lot everybody.

    Good to see you all of you from fundalarm.

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