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Scott - Where's your thread "Where are you investing now"?



  • Reply to @TonyGstring:

    I was closed out of Virtus too, by one day, so ABEMX was second choice, but it is a good choice, and seems to complement my other emerging market fund o which it doing a bit better. Im sure it will have its turn, Don't want them all to zig together, good to have some zigging while others are zagging:)but it will be a core foreign fund I think. I had PJP on my watch list for a year before I finally got in, and missed some very nice gains for hesitating, but I have over 10% gain since I bought it in June, so not complaining. It seems you have to pick and choose the right ETFs just like picking the right funds, they are not all created equal.
  • Reply to @chap: Thanks- will check it out.
  • edited August 2013
    I made quite a few changes in the last few weeks. In spite of number of changes, they are all on Satellite kind of funds. My core funds still remain the same.

    In the Chronological order

    Act 1: Sold PRSNX, and used the proceeds to add to FPACX, SGFIX and ARIVX
    Act 2: Bought VASVX and added to VFSTX with Rolledover money. Sold VTIPX here. Still some cash left.
    Act 1: Sold PONDX, HSFNX , MAINX, and reduced PRHSX
    Act 1: Bought OAKEX; Still cash left due to above sales.
    Act 3: Invested in SUBYX few days back and sold PAUDX today. Have to see what to do with PAUDX money.

    Made over 60% in PRHSX (sold amount equals prinicipal and profit remains now), and HSFNX.
    Small profit: PRSNX

    The real loss is in PCRIX, which I am keeping it as I have yet to decide whether this should be part of my Core or Satellite.

  • Reply to @bee:
    >> As you can see, BUFOX continues to have positive momentum compared to BUFBX. If things reverse I will often get out of the agressive position and continue monitoring it for reentry or look for other trending funds.

    Not to sound like a scold, but you really oughtta stop doing this. Momentum?? Over a month or few? Microcap vs flex income??

    These are mutual funds. It seems you do not actually know what they are and are for and why they came about in the first place. You are using the sell-to-buy feature irrationally at best, but there is more wrong with your thinking than that.
  • thinking of taking a position in BTU, or buy it's bond brother - seems very interesting,
  • edited September 2013
    This past week, or so, I have been adding to my emerging market funds. At August months end my portfolio according to a Morningstar Instant Xray analysis indicated that I was carring about a 4.5% exposure to emerging markets (e/m). Since e/m's are currently out of favor I plan to average my exposure to e/m up to 5% in the near term, taking weekly steps. I have linked Ron Rowland's most recent weekly newsletter Invest With An Edge titled Limbo Season. Notice e/m are towards last place in the global rankings in this newsletter. I have followed his newsletter for sometime now and have invested in out of favor assets in the past and within a short period of time they seem to find traction and start moving upward. I did this not long ago with increasing my exposure to Greater Europe and it has moved form last to first place and has now pulled back to a second place position all within weeks. My thinking is that with an improving global economy emerging markets will follow. I try to invest new money where I am finding the best value and most likely this will be in the out of favor assets. I am more of a value type investor rather than that of a momentum type. I consider Latin America as part of my e/m allocation as it is found in a good number of e/m funds.

    This past week all three of my e/m funds were up (NEWFX, THDAX & DEMAX). For the month one is up (DEMAX) and two are down (NEWFX & THDAX). For the past three months two are up (NEWFX & DEMAX) and one is down (THDAX). Year-to-date all three are up.

    Enjoy the read ... Perhaps, it will help you in selecting assets for positioning. You can click on the Past Newsletters tab to reference or read past newsletters.

    In addition, I also give credence to his Leadership Strategy. In this, I make sure that I have a good representation to its asset leaders … and, if not, then I’ll increase my allocation to them. His Leadership Strategy can be referenced by clicking on its tab.

    As the thread ask ... Where are you investing now?

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