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Large Cap Value Fund

edited June 2011 in Fund Discussions
I am looking for a large value fund on the Schwab no-load no transaction fee platform. I have been in Columbia Value & Restructuring for some years now, but I am not pleased with it's performance over the past few years. Also, David Williams, its long time manager, is retiring at the end of 2012, and the fund is in the process of transitioning to new a new manager(s).

I liked the fund for a bunch of years because it had good performance, low turnover, reasonable ER, and was tax efficient, which was nice as it is held in my taxable account. I do not have room in my retirement accounts.

I looked at Sound Shore (SSHFX), which also seems to fit some of the same criteria (decent long time performance, reasonable ER, fairly tax efficient, low turnover, experienced management), but am not sold for some reason. I thought Yacktman Fund (YACKX) would be a good possibility, but I understand it has a soft close and I currently do not have a position in it.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.



  • Yacktman Focused YAFFX

    Very strong performance and 2008 loss was -23% far better than the market and great for a stock fund.

    Mike P
  • Ariel Focus might be a good replacement.
  • A couple that I liked when I was researching LCV a year ago were Invesco Diversified Dividend LCEIX, and Becker Value Equity BVEFX. They're both lower risk (per M*) than any of the other funds mentioned, and both have turnover in the teens (the Columbia fund's turnover is 12%) . Their expense ratios, like most of the others, is in the low to mid 0.90s. All of the funds mentioned, including these, have long term managers.
  • Hasn't done as well lately, but I like Wasatch First Source (FMIEX), as Ralph Shive has an excellent long-term record.
  • We sold our positions in UMBIX quite some time ago, and have never looked back. The initial swap was to FVALX, because we wanted to have a very low-risk holding in our client domestic stock positions. We have not been disappointed. The last month of down markets, the fund is in the top 1%. It was, I think, the ONLY domestic stock fund to not lose value in calendar year 2008.

    Another undiscovered fund worth considering is DGAIX. We think this one could be a gem. It owns large, mid, and small, with a large value bent.

    These are a couple that might be put on your watch list.
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