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Pro Publica report on Warren Buffett's personal account

This article was published by Pro Publica yesterday and then featured on CNBC. So far, Buffett and Berkshire have not commented on it. It would be surprising if they don't comment at all. It might all be kosher but it would be painful to see many people's investment Gandalf be on the wrong side of ethics. I hope he has a good explanation but I'd be curious to see what details are offered up.


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    It’s not like Buffett needs the money. But stranger things have happened. I predict he will be exonerated of any wrongdoing. (My predictions are correct 49% of the time.)
  • None of us are clean. But standards, at least, must be maintained. Standards, not just appearances.
  • Just another one of those rich people who are beyond the world I live in and pretty much can do whatever they want. Some people like some of them. I kinda like this one. I don't know much about otherworld ethics, admittedly.
  • Pro Publica is a gem of an organization. I see they've spruced up their website lately. They have a Nonprofit Explorer database with financial info from essentially every nonprofit that's filed an IRS info return (a 990, not the "postcard" return for very small organizations), a handy thing to check out if you're considering giving to a nonprofit that's new to you.
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