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AAII Sentiment Survey, 4/12/23

AAII Sentiment Survey, 4/12/23

For the week ending on 4/12/23, neutral became the top sentiment (39.5%; above average) & bullish became the bottom sentiment (26.1%; low); bearish became the middle sentiment (34.5%; above average); Bull-Bear Spread was -8.4% (below average). Investor concerns: Inflation (moderating but high); economy; the Fed; dollar; cryptos; market volatility (VIX, VXN, MOVE); Russia-Ukraine war (59+ weeks, 2/24/22- ); geopolitical. For the Survey week (Th-Wed), stocks were mixed (cyclicals up, growth & tech down), bonds down, oil up, gold down, dollar down. #AAII #Sentiment #Markets
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