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Fido NetBenefits Down?

It has been down at least since yesterday (Sunday, 4/9/23). The message says:

[229]The service is experiencing technical difficulties. Please try again later.

Edit/Add: Fido NetBenefits is for 401k/403b. Fido Brokerage is working fine.


  • Fido Brokerage Bill Pay went down a few minutes ago. Just came back, but lost work I had entered shortly before it went down.

    I didn't capture the first error message. The last error message was:
    503 Service Temporarily Unavailable
  • I posted on Fido Inv Comm too. A Rep told me to clean cookies, or just call Fido.

    At first, I was SKEPTICAL as the NetBenefit access failed from Chrome, Edge AND from within the brokerage login ( ).

    But then I tried Firefox that I don't use much and I could access NetBenefits, .

    THEN, I went back and deleted all Fido cookies (only) from Chrome and Edge, and now, everything WORKS!

    Unusual, but all is well that ends well.
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