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Revian might be in your TRP Fund

edited April 25 in Fund Discussions

A quick look at who owns Revian...Ford, Amazon, T. Rowe name a few:


Ownership List through M*:


  • edited April 25
    Future of EVs lies in new battery technologies to enable the EVs. Most of today’s lithium ion batteries have many limitations ranging from safety hazard (fires from accidents and battery failures), raw materials and immature charging infrastructure. Moving away from Li ion battery technologies to something more widely available while maintaining the same energy density would be significant.

    For now, electric vehicles make most sense in commercial and fleet vehicles. EVs face similar hurdles than those of fuel cells vehicles 20 years ago. We have to be optimistic that these hurdles can be solved.

    Good to see that Rivian is widely own by many growth funds.
  • RIVN is one of the single largest holdings in NRGX, a PIMCO CEF. At some point, it was more than 10% of the portfolio.
  • Rivian Tumbles After Report of Ford Share Sale at a Discount
    Bloomberg, via MSN
    It's not a big disinvestment by Ford (8M out of 102M shares), but apparently enough to rattle the market. And that does add up to 1% of the outstanding Rivian shares.
  • Wouldn't be surprised! It was in two of my funds and I didn't even know it until I was on a zoom with the PM!
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