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Powell Backs Moving More Quickly / 50 bp increase likely in May

edited April 21 in Other Investing

Most commodities markets don’t seem to like the news. While gold’s only down $10, the miners are off 4-5% for the day. Oil is up slightly. Overall, looks dismal in the commodity markets.


  • Funds that invested in commodity futures use TIPs as collateral which is affected by higher rates. Several 50 bps hikes are planned this year. So commodities will likely to give back some of their earlier gain.

    This year there are few safe options as both equities and bonds are take the hit. Yet we are only in April.
  • Could be 0.75
    Powell vicious
  • Powell worried. That's what he's paid for.
  • From a personal economics POV, the job is a massive loss for Powell. Why is it taking so long for Congress to confirm Powell and Lael?
  • @BaluBalu, first there were 5 nominations: Powell, Brainard, Cook, Jefferson, Raskin

    But Raskin had to withdraw and the replacement now named is Barr.

    So, it is 5 nominations again and they can move as a group.

    Senate is too busy with lots of big stuff and this small Federal Reserve stuff can move only as a package of 5 - Senate doesn't have time to vote 5 times separately. So, it should be soon. (-:)

  • Too many senators too busy with political posturing to gain personal economic gain. They can not be bothered with doing America's business.
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