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Is the FED really tightening ???

Fed./Treasury/global Central banks............what these folks do is way past my pay level; and worse, I don't have access to their inside data. I do, however; wonder if they always think they get everything right. They likely feel they know what they're doing in a given time frame.......past that, they may feel like flipping a coin for a "policy choice". Too many moving parts, IMO; especially now.

This article wandered into my mail inbox today. It presents some ideas of what I have "wondered" about, but couldn't have expressed proper; relative to interest rate increases other policy changes. I direct this too, towards the big banks and investment houses.............are they just a bunch of rich puppies following the smell of a piece of bacon for their own reasons?
And yes, as the very long "bond" thread indicates; this a lot of bond blood in the streets at this time.

Article, Seeking Alpha

Informational only: Enjoy.
Remain curious,


  • Thanks for posting this. I decided to keep more of my powder dry.

    I followed the link in the article to this:

    The Fed is adding Everclear to the punch bowl.

    I wonder if we will be reading more about the Taylor rule in months to come.
  • edited March 29
    Hi @WABAC
    And your delightful avatar for; Mr. Peabody and Sherman. I can imagine I watched all of the shows in 1959 and 1960. I didn't learn some history in the pure sense, but did learn about events in history. Helped me stay curious, I do believe.
    Pleased you found value in the linked article.
  • UFF DA ! I wasn't able to read catch22 link, but WABAC was readable here. It looks to me the printing presses ran a bit to long !
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