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Poor Warren Buffet is Getting the Last Laugh

“ It’s almost two years since the Berkshire Hathaway chairman, then 89, was publicly mocked by 40-something self-proclaimed stock market “captain” and “winner,” Barstool Sports founder David Portnoy. ”

“ There’s a simple lesson for all investors in this, and it’s about the value of compound interest once we are in the third stage of life. One of the reasons Buffett has been making by far the most money of his career in the past couple of years is because by this stage his accumulated stake is so large. So a 35% gain today will make him far more money in actual dollar terms than a 50% or even 100% gain would have done in the past. Such are the benefits of saving early and often.” <— Compounding lesson

— Much has been written about the Occidental purchase… he still holds more warrants that would boost his ownership to almost 24%.

— Interesting that Buffett buys as Icahn sells:

Greedy when others are fearful or just smart valuation?

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