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There's gotta be a Natgas ETF I don't know about...

Can someone tell me what it is? Thanks.


  • Futures-based natural-gas ETFs UNG, UNL.
    Natural-gas producers ETF FCG.
    There are ETNs too but those are sponsors' IOU.
  • beebee
    edited March 23
    On the mutual fund side there is GASFX, The last 10 years it has either been one of the best or one of the worst in its category.
  • bee +1
  • I put some money into GASFX decades ago when I was convinced nat gas was the wave of the future. I was obviously right, but 20 years early.

    I would be cautious with GASFX, if you want to invest in natural gas, as it is essentially a utility (80%) fund, and invests in an index of gas utilities and producers, but mostly utilities.

    Fidelity had a natural gas fund, but ( just before Ukranian war) merged it into Fidelity select Energy

    You could also buy the production companies in GASFX and skip the utilities.
  • Thank you all very much. :)
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