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Morningstar X-Ray and Library Edition

Does the library edition of Morningstar offer the X-Ray tool to analyze holdings of mutual funds and ETFs? (My goal is to see the number of shares of each stock contained in the funds I own.) If so, would someone briefly explain how to use it? Thanks.


  • No it does not provide that tool. The tool is handy to determine if you have duplication of the same stocks in various funds. But while it’s handy I don’t find it indispensable.
  • Do you know of any other online tool similar to X-Ray?
  • edited March 22
    If I want to compare the holdings of funds A and B, I use a test M* Portfolio of 50% A + 50% B for M* X-Ray (Regular or Instant) to see the overlap.
  • I follow the same process as Yogi when checking overlap between two funds.
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