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U.S. inflation rate climbs again to 7.9%, CPI shows / MarketWatch Article



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    @BaseballFan - I consider you a great asset to the board based on your investment related contributions over the years. As long as everyone is civil no harm in voicing dissenting views. I actually pay $$ to subscribe to Bill Fleckenstein’s “Daily Rap.” His political opinions run similar to yours - and distinctly contrary to my own. But I’m willing to overlook that right wing dogma because it’s all about investing. And I think he, like you, has some interesting thoughts on investing.

    It’s not for me to decide, but I would hope everyone tries their best to talk about “best ideas” for preserving and growing our capital and less about politics or which party is best for growing wealth. I do believe there are investments for every “season”. So let’s size up the current macro financial environment as it exists today and work to come up with investments that work.
  • Ignorant and Proud Of It!
  • Got it @hank. Thanks for the feedback
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    In short: the long time lags between any governmental energy policy change and actual change in energy production or pricing suggests that recent policy changes, by whatever sort of administration, have little or no bearing on current production and pricing.

    Current events however, especially those of a world-wide nature, can rapidly influence production and pricing.
  • +1 Mark ...bookmarked article for future reference !
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