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Love British Politics! Johnson apologizes in Parliament for attending BYOB party during lockdown


  • That man set a bad example for being the leader of the country. Hopefully England will elect a new leader.

    Read elsewhere that many small business in England are having serious problems selling their products in EU due to the existing commerce agreement from Brexit. I would not be surprise many of these people voted for Brexit.
  • Hi folks,

    Seems the party in question was the night before they buried Prince Philip. Old Boris called and apologized personally to her Majesty.

    And so it goes,

    peace and wear the damn mask,

  • edited January 17
    He looks a bit like Trump. And espouses a lot of the same right wing agenda. But at least (unlike the other) he seems to enjoy a good drink and some social interaction. I have to admire that singular quality while despising his governance.

    The Brits have suffered terribly from Covid. My 3 visits there in more normal times seem like a distant dream. There’s some amazing sights and history in London and the surrounding area. Attended a play one evening in a theater which had been destroyed by German bombing in WWII - and later rebuilt. And they have an “Underground” rail system that puts our country to shame.
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