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  • Sven December 2021
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ARKK on the rocks …

edited December 2021 in Other Investing
Bloomberg reports Wood’s flagship fund is off over 1% today after falling 1% yesterday. It’s been a nasty year for her and her investors. I quickly looked at DFKG - a stock I’ve messed around with and it’s under $27.50 late today. That’s one she’s been buying in gobs - but at much higher prices. I’ve been in and out a couple times. The stock topped out around $75 early in the year. I owned and sold it in the mid $40s. Bought again around $28. Sold near $30. But if I’d been more patient, it topped out around $32-33 a few days later - before falling off the wagon again. Mutual funds / ETFs are so much less risky and easier on the nerves!

Worth considering … Is the action in Wood’s funds an omen of some sort? The high flyers are getting their wings clipped. What’s next?

ARKK -23.17% YTD. down 1.8% late today. / “There but for the grace of God … ”


  • Just watching on the sideline . Creating new funds while the flagship fund is falling.
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