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  • I could and have been for the last 50 years. The distributions from my investments more than meet my needs.
  • Followers of Dave Ramsey would be disappointed with 5%. He tells listeners to "invest in good growth stock mutual funds" returning 12% a year. But you can't pick these funds yourself, because he thinks listeners should use ELP's to manage their money(Endorsed Local Providers)! I could go on, but I've discussed this Theocratic Financial Advisor Asshat too long already !
  • edited December 2021
    It’s very likely most here have thru our investments achieved rates of return that far exceeded the rate of inflation for at least the past decade. So I, for one, don’t feel compelled to take extra risk now just because the rate of inflation has bumped higher. But I agree that over longer periods it’s important to stay ahead of inflation.

    Used to listen to Ramsey years ago. Enjoy a variety of perspectives and his is one worth considering (although don’t recall his mentioning ELP). 12% a year? Ambitious in today’s environment. As always, risk assumed should be commensurate with one’s tolerance level, situation, time horizon, etc.
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