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  • Mark December 2021
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Bitcoin Buyers Flock to Investment Clubs to Learn Rules of the Road / WSJ

edited December 2021 in Other Investing

Shalair Armstrong has a busy life. She runs two chiropractic offices in Boston. She has a teenage son. Still, every weekday morning she makes time to buy some bitcoin within earshot of hundreds of strangers. … ‘WakeUp With Bitcoin’ is part of the Black Bitcoin Billionaires group on Clubhouse that has swollen to 136,000 investors in about a year.

“The crush of people flooding into crypto has left a large information void, especially for individual investors. Every time bitcoin rallies, a new wave of buyers enters the market. A survey by the exchange estimated there were 221 million crypto holders in June 2021, more than double the number in January. Social-media sites like Reddit, TikTok, Instagram and Telegram have become popular platforms for getting information.

*From WSJ / Saturday, December 4, 2021

What I’m wondering is whether a lot of small and inexperienced investors will loose their shirts with this before it’s all over?

*Can’t find a good link. This one brings up only the photo and a few opening words, plus a link to subscription based WSJ.


  • For the life of me I can't figure out how this ends well for the small and inexperienced investors either.

    Also, for the last 2 days I've gotten (spam/junk) emails telling me that I've boughten Coinbase or whatever. No idea how I did it, where it is, which of my accounts paid for it, nothing. BUT if I click on the link all will be revealed.
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