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Jet Bear Airways Flight 1121 to Forlorn USA

edited December 2021 in Other Investing
Great piece of humorous financial commentary from this week’s Barron’s - whether you agree with the writer’s assessment or not. I’ve tried in vain to track down the source from which Barron’s is quoting this. If you can obtain the complete essay you’re in for some additional entertainment.

Couple brief excerpts:

“Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to Jet Bear Airways, flight 1121 with nonstop service to Forlorn, USA….Our captain has informed us today's flight could be rather choppy due to economic headwinds, popping bubbles, delusional government spending, and a zero interest-rate policy that stayed too long at the party, leaving an intoxicated Reddit wolf pack eyeing a crypto-trading hamster while mingling with the cats and dogs around the open bar …..

“In preparation, turn off your electronic devices and please bring your body to an upright, numbed position. Flight time is unknown, starting at a maximum altitude of approximately SPX 4743 before heading downward from this dizzying peak while anticipating several excruciating troughs before we begin our final descent into Forlorn. After reaching cruising altitude, we will serve giant stock grants and loan-forgiveness programs to all executive class fliers …”

From: Barron’s December 7, 2021
Title: “What a Long, Strange Trip”
Author: William Gibson
Original Source: Gibson’s Technical Strategist - Nov. 30
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