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  • edited November 2021
    John Doe Citizen Is apt to cite headline inflation along with his own recent personal shopping experience as signs of financial distress. Obviously, that’s not the whole picture.

    I suspect that some of us “oldsters” who grew up with inflation and worked / invested during some pretty heady inflationary periods have a much more sanguine reaction. We’ve been there before. But for someone in their 20s, 30s and 40s it probably seems an earthshaking revelation that some of their favorite food items can rise 5 - 10% or more (40% for some popular cuts of beef) in a year’s time.

    Just scanned the Krugman article. But inflation is sure to be “weaponized” by the right - has already been to an extent. (What’s new there?)
  • edited November 2021
    hank said:

    Just scanned the Krugman article. But inflation is sure to be “weaponized” by the right - has already been to an extent. (What’s new there?)

    The right lacks any coherent policies or initiatives other than opposing all Democratic ideas.
    They'll continue to focus on culture wars and "alternative truths" to divide this nation.
    It's really a sad state of affairs.
  • edited November 2021
    Took a second look. Actually, PK’s pointing out that we tend to view our own situation more positively than that of the general public on a lot of issues. In this case, he looks at perceptions of economic well being. Excellent point. I heard something the other day about perceptions of public schools. A high % of the public rate their own schools and teachers very highly - while at the same time rating education quality across the nation much lower. And - something like 90% of all drivers polled described their own driving skills as “far above average”.

    Go figure. Human nature. PK also comments on warped media presentation re economy. Spot on there too.
  • +1 observant The problem is that the GOP doesn't need any coherent policies to keep winning elections;for example, the recent Virginia Governors race.
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