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Large Cap Growth Decision

What’s everyone like in this space? I’m down to FBGRX, APGAX, or ACFOX


  • I like several funds in this category - POLIX, HCAIX, FBGRX, JGQIX. You need to look at the Sector weightings and holdings concentration among other things before investing. Stating the obvious, most of the top performers over the past 5 & 10 years more than likely held the FANG (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, Google)
  • edited October 2021
    TRLGX. TRP. Holds the usual high-flying suspects: Microsoft, Amazon, Alphabet, Facebook, Apple, Visa. PRGFX. TRP. Almost a clone of the other.

    Just noticed: HCAIX holds no bonds, as expected. But it's doing just a tiny bit better this year than PRWCX, which does hold bonds and is heavily into utilities. But you can't get in, unless you're already in.

    Morningstar puts Mairs & Power Growth MPGFX into its large-blend category. It has slipped behind the Index that Morningstar compares it to. Instituted in 1958. Only two "bad" recent years I can see: 2014 and 2017. Past 15-year performance = 10.74%, in top 13th percentile vs. "peers." Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, United Health, US Bancorp, Ecolab...

  • Worth investigating: FDGRX (closed to new investors but similar to FBGRX), MSEGX, LCGNX, CPOAX, FOCPX and TRLGX previously mentioned. Have been impressed with LCGNX in one port. So many good choices in this category.
  • always compare w vong and voog over various timespans to assess added value, including from right before and after the covid dip

    but in my brief looksee it's clear the fido ones are winners (a notoriously aggressive growth shop) and one or two of the other ones as well

    what an LG time we live in, fortunate in the original sense
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