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World Series 2021

Houston vs. Atlanta. Really cannot get excited about these two. I guess I'll go ahead and schedule that colonoscopy, instead.


  • Howdy,

    Some Native Americans are complaining about the Braves Tomahawk chop and wooden tomahawks that they sell.

    Rono puts on his way back hat to when Ted Turner owned them and they went to the series. They were bitching them also. At the hearings, this old gentleman stood to address the gathering. He ID'd himself as the Chief of the Eastern band of the Cherokee Nation. Then he politely told everyone that his tribe made the wooden Tomahawks and he appreciate everyone shutting TF up and leaving them alone. They were doing fine. TYVM!!

    and so it goes,

  • @Crash
    I guess I'll go ahead and schedule that colonoscopy, instead.
    One of the funnier lines I've read on MFO in a long time.
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