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Any Streisand fans here?

edited October 2021 in Off-Topic
Not everyone is. I happen to be.

Check out this 1972 duet with Ray Charles.


  • Fantastic. I am however a much, much bigger fan of Ray Charles.
  • Nice duet.
    I'm not a Streisand fan but liked this performance.
    I'm a big fan of Ray Charles' music.

  • edited October 2021
    Just happened on this duet while streaming audio. I think she sounds much better than she looks (performance wise). What a strong voice at that age. I enjoy most of Streisand’s films and own a couple DVDs of New Year’s Eve concerts she put on in Vegas - including in 1999. Both terrific.
  • Not a fan. But I liked her in this remake, with Kristofferson:
  • edited November 2021
    Crash said:

    Not a fan. But I liked her in this remake, with Kristofferson:

    Yes - A Star is Born with Streisand and Kristofferson is excellent.

    The 2018 remake with Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga is a gem. Love the soundtrack. I’ve read Lady Gaga wouldn’t go for pre recorded music. So the parts are sung live on camera. Cooper studied the guitar for months so he could perform in the film.
  • edited November 2021
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  • I must somehow watch that one, too. Thanks, @hank.
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