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Shortages everywhere, eh?

From, "Naked City": "There are eight million stories in the naked city. This has been one of them."

So, I'm only linking the 3 recent stories below. You're welcome to add or ignore this thread, of course. I'm reluctant to start a thread about shortages (none of the news is positive), as we all have too much news reports about shortage this or shortage that. The critical shortages that are fully meaningful for all of us is medical/hospital staffing, EMT's, police and fire departments; and related areas.

ADD: October 21 found 2 major grocery stores in the area setting limits on TP again. Other shelving areas having bare spots, too. NO paper plates, bowls and related. A recent personal experience was for replacing a long lived printer for home use. All major brick and mortar stores in the area are on back order and I had to direct order from the vendor site.

MSU profs asked to volunteer 8 hours a week to help feed the on-campus students.

Central Michigan University
. What, ya want to be fed, too? NOTE: the video provides a decent student overview.

Campus dining hall staff shortages, more.....

If you want to add to the're welcome to do so.

Take care,


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    Labor shortages. Up here you need a reservation 3 or more weeks in advance for just about any automotive work. A guy at a small body shop showed me at least 15 banged up cars in his lot that were waiting for repair / several weeks’ work. And parts shortages. Word is some automakers are not selling parts to repair centers because they need them for the few vehicles being produced. Tesla in particular was mentioned. Furniture remains scarce and expensive. A decent wood lamp table runs $300 - $700. Finally bought a used one at a resale shop and refinished it myself rather than experience price gouging on new items.
  • Waited 4 weeks to get Honda parts to repair my car. Generic part costed about the same due to limited supply.

    Los Angles is the main port for import goods and they are back logged badly. Many container tankers are sitting right off shore of LA. Read earlier that there is shortage of truck drivers.
  • Howdy folks,

    I'm getting very tired of seeing help wanted signs. How about paying your people more money. And for those that say they can't afford it - you have a flawed business model and hopefully you'll go out of business.

    Sorry, but bullshit is bullshit.

    and so it goes,

    peace and keep wearing the damn mask,

  • edited October 2021
    How about paying your people more money.


    I get pissed sometimes standing in 20-30 minute checkout lines and occasionally make that same remark to others nearby.. Customery response: “Oh.That would cause prices to be higher!”

    Duh? Would you rather spend hours on end standing in lines while the ice cream you’re buying drips out of your package onto the floor?

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    catch22 said:

    ... If you want to add to the're welcome to do so.

    Am visiting Hilton Head Island, SC. There’s a very limited supply / variety of canned beer here - especially the 16 oz size. Sign in local Kroger: Limited selection of canned beer due to aluminum shortage”
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