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hello - just question for family

Hope you are all good
Sorry to post this question. What supplemental medicare insurance ppo do you folks use and w/ reasonable price.

Dad been in hospital several times and we are dissatisfied w/ Kaiser HMO services. He has a treatable conditions but they would not treat. Would you pls kindly recommend any good alternate/reasonable supplemental PPO Insurance [hospitalizations/physician office visits w/ reasonable copays]. We are thinking G or F for Bluecross Blueshield, Humana, United, or AARP.

Thankyou very much
kind regards


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    Now is the enrollment period, you need to spend time talking with insurance companies on their coverage and cost. Be specific about the medical treatment you are seeking. It may be the less costly HMO plans do not cover these treatments unless you are in PPO plan where you need to pay more. The rates are competitive within the insurance industry and they are also location depended. Metropolitan areas tend have more doctor choices and better pricing.

    I suspect your father has low cost HMO plan and they don’t cover treatments that are in the higher tier. Genetic-based treatment is considered non-routine and most plans do not covered it at all. In-vitro fertilization is partially covered these days but the patients pay the bulk of cost. This is where you need to do the legwork by talking with each company or dig into their coverage (and tier structures) on the website. It is a common misconception that Medicare covers everything.
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    Plan F is no longer available. Yes, this plan had more coverage, but also cost more; as is the case for all insurance products, so don't fret about this.
    You should reference the Texas Health Agency site for study about comparing plans as pricing varies by geographic location, as well as company.
    ALSO, your particular work area should allow you to have excellent resources to obtain opinions.....check with case management, social services or whatever is the name of the department that provides assistant for patient care dealing with insurance.
    AND your state may have "health insurance advisors" with whom you meet to discuss what would be the best choices. These folks are paid in the same fashion as an independent insurance agent (for other types of insurance) and likely do not charge a fee directly to you (perhaps different in your state).
    We use United Healthcare via AARP, Plan F and have no complaints with service; as they have always been very professional.
    LASTLY, you and yours need to educate yourselves as best possible to understand the choices. NOT unlike making investment decisions, one can not expect a proper answer, without asking a properly formed question. So, form the best questions from your studies.
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    @johnN Do NOT go with BC/BS of MA "core" supplemental Medigap plan. It sucks. It's not a policy. It's extortion. "You need us to actually pay something? Screw you."

    I just did some homework and found that I am eligible for plan F. It's all about your birthday, and exactly when you originally got covered under Medicare.

    Rather than to go with a different company, I decided to save myself a major step (and a lot of money every month,) and just upgrade with BC/BS of MA. It's their "Bronze" Plan. Which is actually their version of Plan F. They just had to give it a different, unique, potentially confusing goddam stupid proprietary name. Gotta love those Marketing geniuses. And I will pay double what I'm paying now, for that USELESS "core" plan. But Humana and United Health wanted a lot more money from me.

    Premiums surely will go up every year. I expect that. And there isn't a single one of those money grubbing outfits that's not under investigation somewhere by a State AG or Insurance Commissioner. Damned if you do, and damned if you don't. BC/BS of MA is the defendant in a Class Action suit, by the way.

    Some plans that may or may not be available in your State: (Americans are too stoopid to implement Single Payer.)
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