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October is in process!

Hi, guys.

Just a quick heads up, lest anyone be concerned. Our October issue should post this evening. There have been flooring contractors in the house for nearly 10 days, and the chaos has been substantial. Just regained just of my computer yesterday, so I'm behind schedule but pecking away ... on the red flags over China, the three dumbest things you could do,
Sherman's new SPAC ETF, Charles's reflections on Morningstar and, of course, more!

Good cheer to all!



  • There have been flooring contractors in the house for nearly 10 days, and the chaos has been substantial.


    Had roofers on top the house all week. “Bang. Bang. Bang”. Just fortunate to get anything done in this crazy labor market.


  • Yuh ... ordered the flooring in March, had it delayed four times and had contractors saying things like "well, I'm sort of booked through February 2022 but if you can hold off til then ..." In consequence, I wasn't predisposed to ask the flooring folks to come back when it was more convenient to me. (sigh)
  • @hank & @David_Snowball ; Unless you both own homes of 5000 sq. ' or more your contractor is running up the bill ! If one or both had water & of termite damage I would think otherwise. Two , maybe three days for a roof job ! Second thought. How many workers were on the job ?

    Enjoy your updates, Derf
    P.S. We have on going
    updating also.
  • Hmmm ... 1200 square feet in the house, bid at just over $2/sq ft plus materials. Courtney and Matthew, the couple that floors together!
  • edited October 2
    @Derf - There we’re some some additional tasks like replacing a rotten door moulding (and the beautiful deck lamp they smashed). The brick chimney and several vents caused some issues. Installed some nice ice shielding underneath the shingles. Jack-of-all trades. 2 workers. One day just to strip and haul off the old shingles.

    Hey - I’m just happy to get this done. Been waiting 3-4 months. The builder, who I know pretty well, says people are throwing money at their homes like crazy. He says they “don’t care what it costs or how long it takes … Just do it.”
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