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This one is just for fun. And your palate might appreciate it, too

"Somebody Feed Phil." (Phil Rosenthal.)
I don't watch mainstream cable tv anymore. But lately, while in enforced hibernation with (double-vaxed) mild "breakthrough" covid, I binge-watched Phil on Netflix. It certainly did help to pass the hours. He doesn't hide being Jewish, but that's not an axe that he grinds on purpose. Anyhow, it's a personal detail that makes him all the more relatable, you know? The locations, all over the world, are fascinating, and the FOOD is excruciatingly fabulous! It's like a less edgy Anthony Bourdain show. Light-hearted, always engaging.

Phil is the "Creator" of "Everybody Loves Raymond." In THIS series, his brother Richard is the Producer. Phil loves to tease and blame Richard for stuff, on camera. So funny. And the way he includes his wife and parents via Skype, brings a smile. Eventually, his dad ran out of jokes, I guess. And it's amazing to see how Phil stays so thin, after constantly EATING for a living, all over the world.:)

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