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Diamond Hill DHHIX

edited August 2021 in Fund Discussions
What a shame. OK, so we were informed by one of our loyal regulars that this fund DHHIX would be taken over by Brandywine. Great. I can't uncover very much over at the Brandywine website. In fact, when clicking on what seems to be the new Brandywine iteration, I am presented with a pop-up window telling me I'll be re-directed to a FRANKLIN website.

Nothing should be this hard.


  • edited August 2021

    deleted link...see additional comment below...

    I considered selling before the second scheduled voting date on the takeover, but have hung on and will now take a look at the combined fund composition and management.....
  • msf
    edited August 2021
    Brandywine Global is an investment management company. It provides management services to institutions and high net worth individuals. Its website speaks of investment strategies, not of funds. Looking for funds there would be like going to the Wellington Management site looking information on the Wellington fund (VWELX). It isn't there.

    Brandywine Global has been owned by Legg Mason for decades. BrandywineGLOBAL (sic) Funds is a brand name created by Legg Mason for funds it launched and were subadvised by Brandywine Global. It is only a brand name; the funds were always part of Legg Mason.

    When Franklin Templeton acquired Legg Mason last year, it acquired all the variously branded funds and management company subsidiaries including Royce, Clearbridge, Western Asset, etc.

    I posted more complete information on the Brandywine brand, the BrandywineGlobal brand, and the Friess Brandywine brand here. They're all completely different families.

    What is hard, is logging in to a legacy fund account that was acquired by Smith Barney (then a Travelers subsidiary), saw management firm changed to Salomon Smith Barney, became a Citicorp subsidiary when Travelers and Citicorp merged (and rebranded the investment management company Smith Barney), was acquired by Legg Mason, was rebranded Legg Mason Partners with management by Clearbridge, was subsequently rebranded Legg Mason Clearbridge, then had the fund renamed (still branded Legg Mason Clearbridge), and then was rebranded Clearbridge (dropping the Legg Mason moniker).

    Then Franklin acquired Legg Mason and the old website login redirected you to an transitional login page (branded Franklin Templeton); one still cannot log in directly at F-T.

    And you think you've got it hard:-)
  • edited August 2021
    interesting...noticed the ticker symbol for my prior link above didn't match up with BGHIX even though the name appeared on the surface to be correct.

    Then read this report that indicates managers and investment strategies will remain unchanged: Diamond Hill High Yield Fund

    And found this website that includes ticker symbol BGHIX for BrandywineGLOBAL - High Yield
    . (There was a slightly different name with a second Global following the dash symbol that was included in the incorrect link previously posted.....)
  • OK, then. Thanks, guys.
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