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Big 3 U.S. drug distributors, J&J reach landmark $26 billion opioid settlement


  • just back from surgery. rehab hosp. was giving me oxy... but not enough for it to really do any good. healing nicely, feeling better. mid-sept. until back to normal--- without the original problem i went in to get fixed. progress.
  • beebee
    edited July 2021
    Before we had an opioid epidemic kid's (my nephew included) were dying of heart attacks. A State Trooper, smart enough to know how things work, explained that without parent's correcting death certificates nothing would be reported to the CDC correctly reporting opioid overdose as the the cause of death.

    So more kids die unnecessarily. Big Pharma gets bigger.

    Making money off these young lives is criminal... bordering on genocide. There is no amount of money that would compensate for the loss of a nephew, a brother, a son.
  • truth.
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